Understanding Veterinary Compounding to Provide Options to Ranchers

Veterinarians, or vets, are starting to utilize compounding for better service delivery in certain cases. Remote areas, for example, may not have prescription medications or treatments readily available. It is also not uncommon to discover an effective medication has been discontinued. Understanding Veterinary Compounding allows vets to have access to medications that are discontinued or not available in a specific area. Vets can order what is needed online and have it shipped to the location. Small batches of a discontinued medication can be formulated as well to suit the needs of animals that tolerate the medication well.


Veterinary compounding has not traditionally been a cost-effective option. Modern techniques, innovative processes, and recent research into mixing ingredients now makes compounding affordable. It is gaining in popularity as a way to provide more options to rural ranchers. If cattle have responded well to a medication that is now unavailable, it may cost less to have it tailor-made than to purchase the newer alternative that replaced the drug. Re-ordering a small batch when needed will save the vet time and ensure appropriate amounts are in stock for common aliments fond among animals on a ranch.

Modified Dosing

Medications for common illnesses or conditions in ranch animals typically are mass-produced for many different animals to use. The dosage choices are limited. That leaves veterinarians and ranchers with the problem of guessing at a proper dose, taking a trial and error approach, or splitting up pills or liquid dosing. All are time-consuming and increases the suffering of the animal. Piglets, for example, will not need the same amount of a parasite medication as bulls with the same parasite.

Making Life Easier

Administering medications to ranch animals is a challenging ordeal. First, they have to be rounded up or separated from the others. Then they need to take all the medication in order for it to be effective. The last challenge is making sure the medication is not immediately discarded. Compounding provides the opportunity to alter delivery.

A large pill may be able to be created in a liquid form that can be added to milk or water or food. A medication that is absorbed by the skin can be sprayed or brushed onto the animal. Medication can also be flavored so it is consumed with no problems. Ranchers have enough to do without trying to coax cattle into taking a vitamin to negate water contamination.

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