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Fighting the Menace of Gum Disease in Dogs

Gum disease isn’t a new thing because the dentist never fail to mention it. But you probably are not aware that you dog runs the risk of gum disease more than ever. Periodontal disease or dog gum disease is a major issue. And it’s made worse by the fact that most of us are not informed enough about it. Despite the fact that most individuals will go for tooth related products, almost all dogs will do well when you brush their teeth. Most people will settle on this option.

If you’re still not convinced, knowing the possible risk of dog gum disease will help. A dog may have gum disease and fail to show any signs. Later, the tooth drop causing your beloved pet lots of pain. Worth noting is that a dog is five times more likely to have gum disease.

To save your dog’s teeth, you have to understand the underlying causes. The primary causative of the gum disease in humans and dogs is the accumulation of plaque between the teeth. However, the high alkalinity in the mouth of a dog boosts the formation of plague. Despite the fact that you cannot offer your dog the same dental care as yours, gum disease is avoidable.

Concern conducting regular checks. The reason is that gum disease may be existing but still not show any symptoms of infection. However, if the disease has been there for some time, you’ll find some symptoms. A good example is a situation where the dog’s gum start bleeding. If it proceeds to dangerous levels, it might affect the appetite of your dog making to even play with its mouth quite often. In the event there’s something of immense concern, consider booking an appointment with a vet. The check-up may still not show anything worth your concern but you should note that that’s not the end. Be sure to conduct inspections frequently.

A good approach is to prevent the gum disease instead. It involves cleaning the dog’s teeth at least once a day just like you do with yours. Even if you’re green in cleaning dog’s teeth, you can search online for guidelines on how to go about it. What’s more, you can consult your vet for guidance if you’re still find it confusing.

Also, for the sake of your pet, consider some natural treats like healthy bones that can clear the plague stuck between the teeth from reputable sites.

And because dogs gum disease can strike anytime, it’s possible to prevent it by having dental health for your dog as a priority.

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